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cover of 'I Need You To Tell Me Something Different, a book of prints by Jeb Loy Nichols 2007 (Sold Out)

‘I Need You To Tell Me Something Different’ is a story of rural life, told through a series of prints and cryptic messages. Art Today called it “… a dazzling display of technique and visual ambition. The new pastoralism is here.”

cover of The Untogether, a novel by Jeb Loy Nichols 2008

“…(Nichols) has written a soul-searching meander littered with the bitter–sweetness of his music. ‘The Untogether’ is narrated with a Mid-West drawl sharpened by NYC, and generously seasoned by the author's more recent stint in rural Wales. A voice that emanates warmth, his sparse style is punctuated, staccato, with dry wit – discover and re-read.” New Welsh Review

“This is not a love story. With this haunting, modernist account of lives struck by loss and threatened by love, Jeb Loy Nichols emerges as a singular voice.” John Williams

“Venturing briskly through what is not said, ‘The Unlanguaged’ demonstrates a proper ‘allegiance to the peripheries’. The waiting times. Remaindered dreams. Short aeons following the vortex in a coffee cup. The karma of memory reads like a very imaginative shopping list. In stance and style, Jeb Loy Nichols summons the vagrant spirit of Douglas Woolf, that great master of going-with-your-fate. Here is a supple intelligence in play. A sprightly and welcome voice in a time of stalled metaphors and gassy rhetoric.” Iain Sinclair

Soft cover, £8

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