Jeb on Art.


I hated art school.

Never was I more bored, more angry, more disgusted.  Art, in New York, was happening on the streets, not in classrooms.  I had to quit art school in order to become an artist.

I had no interest in becoming a musician.  I wanted to paint.  I loved music, I loved clubs and disco and reggae and musicians, but what I wanted was to paint pictures.

In 1984 I moved to London and a couple years later had an exhibition of paintings.  I sold some and people said nice things.  I had more exhibitions.  I sold more.  I began print making, using lino and wood and styrofoam blocks. 

There began, at some point, to be things I wanted to say that I couldn’t say in a picture.  So I wrote a couple songs.  I’ve continued, ever since, to swerve between the two.

I now work as a print maker because I have no interest in urban life.  Print making is slow, solitary, contemplative, repetitive, quiet, painstaking work.  I cut a block for a while and then take a break.  I watch the birds or the tall grass.  I listen to Don Cherry or Larry Jon Wilson.  I sit at my window.  Then I cut some more.  I suits the hill top life I live.